Friday, March 04, 2005

architecture, photography and julius

I'm a day late with a link to this story, but the latimes had a long, somewhat rambling feature story on architectural photographer Julius Shulman, who recently donated his archive to the getty. his photos of the work of neutra and schindler were the first introduction much of the rest of the world had to LA's modernism.

what is remarkable is not the 6+ decades he's been a photographer, or that he dumbly fell into his career, or that he's 95 and still working. what is amazing is this little anecdote hidden in the middle of the article as it attempts to describe his shoot at schindler's fitzpatrick house (pictured above):
The Fitzpatrick House has waited decades to look this picture-perfect. [The owner] can't remember if he knew the 2,400-square-foot hillside home was a Schindler when he bought it 15 years ago. "I don't even know if I knew who Schindler was," he says.

compare that with the heightened awareness of modern architecture (and its practitioners) today. imagine buying a house today and having no idea its a schindler or neutra or lautner. pretty inconceivable.


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