Tuesday, February 08, 2005

hot property scraping bottom of the barrel

normally, I love hot property - the LA Times' column on celebrity real estate purchases. but this week, I have to say - who are these people? ok, I've seen desperate housewives once or twice so I know who eva longoria is (plus I am a dedicated US weekly, in touch reader) but barclay butera? Walter Parazaider? Danny Teeson? Scott Radinsky? who are these people? is there not a minor WB star buying their first home in the hills? maybe some gossip on brad and jen's many LA homes? maybe some deep investigative reporting on whether she's staying with courtney or her hairdresser? Hot Property, you have fallen far far short this week. please report next week on real celebrities and their plans to install a three-story, faux-granite japanese waterfall to improve their chi.

p.s. happy mardi gras to my nawlins friends.


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

I love it too, and can't help but wonder the same thing. Must be people with delicate egos and/or bored publicists on the payroll. The bottom of the barrel Hot Props became even funnier when I realized that if they wanted to, our friends in the biz (or, lord have mercy, even Henry and I) could publish their real estate activities in the column. Ridiculous!


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