Tuesday, February 22, 2005

"making nowhere somewhere"

LA Downtown News interviews eric owen moss about sci-arc, his own practice, and the future of downtown los angeles.

while he cagily evades questions about plans for the lot next to sci-arc's building, he is much stronger when discussing LA's architectural future. he articulates LA's divided psyche pretty well- the optimisim and creativity of a young city, and the self-doubt and inferiority complex it holds to cities like new york. how does that affect architecture? he argues that LA needs to find its own meaning for projects like Grand Ave rather than try to emulate the designs of New York, Paris or Barcelona. it is ultimately a very optimistic interview:

"It's interesting how L.A. has absolutely the capacity to make nowhere somewhere. It has the energy, the imagination, and we ought to let L.A. run with that as a public policy."

have an opinion of your own on the plans for Grand Ave? attend the public hearing on the grand ave project today. and eric owen moss will be delivering a lecture on the topic tomorrow at sci-arc.


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