Sunday, February 20, 2005

hot property - slow but steady improvement

ok, so Hot Property still isn't giving us A-list celebrity real estate (what ARE brad and jen doing with all those houses?) but its making some steady improvements in terms of how it defines "celebrity." while only 1 out of 5 may arguably be a household name, at least 3 out of 5 are working actors. and its comforting to know they're following the rules. After Reese from malcolm in the middle bought his starter home in the hills, he's now buying his vacation home in malibu. And the guy who plays the plumber in Desperate Housewives, proving the only industries where women make more than men are modeling, prostitution and acting in hit network television shows about bored women, couldn't beat the $1.2 million house in the hills that eva longoria bought 2 weeks ago. instead, he's buying an $800,000 home in glendale. apparently these days that doesnt even buy you a pool. and jackie chan, we hardly knew ye. we hope you come back to LA soon.


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