Monday, February 21, 2005

thank god we have the nytimes to tell us what's cool

I think the new york times writes more about LA than any other city other than, uh, new york. case in point - yesterday's semi-annual style magazine proclaims hip hop yoga, stripper props and's blogs all the rage in our fair city. oh, and apparently there is a shortage of human hair to hide facelift scars.

I'm not sure this list will do much to dispel the stereotypes, and by the time a "trend" is written about in the nytimes, its usually already over. this weekend, they covered the new restaurant row in brooklyn's park slope on fifth ave. its been a foodie destination for at least a year or two now - kudos to the times for finally finding the F train.

Jonathan Fickies for The New York Times

on the other hand, they also wrote about my friend's coffee shop, and any they say. the pic on the nytimes' web site is of her shop. if you're ever in brooklyn, stop in for a cup.


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