Thursday, February 10, 2005

cup a joe

...or three? LAist comments on the 3 coffee houses now open near cahuenga and selma. someone recently told me that when she moved here in the early 80s there was no cafe culture to speak of in this city, until the bourgeois pig first opened. now there is almost an embarassment of riches when it comes to coffee shops in LA, particularly places with free WiFi (the best invention since, um, the internet itself). there are even a few open till about 2 am. but my favorite is back in brooklyn, owned by a good friend -- Gorilla Coffee. maybe one day she'll expand westward.


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Sorry to nitpick with your friend's version, but it's not entirely true. First of all, the Onyx in its various Los Feliz/SL locations was the grand dame of L.A. coffeehouses before any sort of "renaissance" began. Then the Pick Me Up on 6th between La Brea and Detroit kick-started the coffeehouse trend in the late 80s. The Living Room, the Bourgeois Pig, and a few Westside places followed. The brief-lived Mad Hatter on Pico and Fairfax was a favorite late night hang for us kids who loved music and activism, and whose parents were lax about curfew. Insomnia on Beverly and the Pig are the lone survivors of this era, but it's been years since I've stepped foot in either one. Might have something to do with the profusion of laptops in this day and age.

Sorry, I got lost in a small wave of nostalgia!


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