Wednesday, February 09, 2005

blame egypt

Biz Journal reports on the future ad bombardment LA will experience over the next few months for the king tut show. while they dont say how much LACMA will be spending to promote the show, they do hint at why the exhibit fare is so expensive:

The show, which will feature the artifacts of King Tutankhamen, has become controversial in museum circles because of the financial demands by the government of Egypt and its commercial partners. New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, which featured the King Tut exhibit in 1978 during its first tour, turned it down this time, as did other museums around the country.

LACMA expects over 1 million people to see the show, which would be a record. I also read somewhere recently that the population of LA county is now about 11 million people - so do the math. that would be an incredible number (yeah, many many will be tourists, I know). so who will benefit? apparently the government of egypt. and a Anschutz Entertainment Group (they operate the staples center) and some corporation based in cleveland called Arts and Exhibits International. and the windfall LACMA will receive? no mention of that. I'm starting to suspect LACMA has been bamboozled. and desperate to blame their ridiculous admission fee on anyone and anything else.


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