Tuesday, June 07, 2005

keywords that brought you here

as one friend pointed out, gratuitously mentioning brad pitt increases traffic. so I will not list the brad pitt-related keywords. no more brad pitt. brad pitt. brad pitt. brad pitt. ok, done luring google and at least a few more unsuspecting surfers (and ultimately disappointing them) to this blog through the gratuitous use of brad pitt's name. ok, onto the non-brad pitt-related keywords:

  • ed moses cedd (ED: for the record, ed moses the artist is the father of cedd moses, the bar owner)
  • arc's article on hockney
  • golden gopher owners liquid kitty (ED: yup, that would be cedd again)
  • daniel schwartz sister bari
  • laguna landslides sinatra
  • balboa highlands blog
  • habitat 825 construction (ED: lent out the digital camera again so no updates this week)
  • hillside house silverlake california lorcan
  • ralph's supermarket tut special
  • elrod house pool
  • ny city hates kostabi (ED: this might be my personal favorite)
  • sci-arc legal battle
  • los angeles downtown projects
  • basquiat untitled
  • eliasson escher la weekly
  • architect history behind brad pitt's craftsman in hollywood (ED: I will allow this one since its so specific)
  • dennis boses
  • cedd moses wife
  • burnside house frank lloyd wright pasadena
  • feeling uninspired
  • crystal encrusted sidekick 2 designs
  • thomas schindler santa monica auction
  • elrod house palm springs currently owned (ED: I know who it is, but I won't publish it. suckas)
  • va va boom indy
  • marissa mayer photo
  • lautner elrod house
  • caltran architectural tour
  • thom mayne alaska reaction
  • meson g escrow
  • king tut tour blockbuster for corporations
  • lorcan o\'herlihy schindler apartment
  • venice art walk auction results 2005
  • nytimes modular houses
  • mayne royce hall
  • benefits


At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

waisting my time, you s u c k


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