Friday, May 06, 2005

keywords that brought you here - more brad pitt

while other blogs focus on brad and angelina's african romp, this one focuses on brad pitt's real estate. or at least enough to bring in those google searches. so yes, in case you were wondering, the wallace neff house brad and jen bought in beverly hills is finally listed for sale (at $20 million, up from the $12 million they paid 2 years ago).

but here are some of the keywords (brad-related or not) that brought you here recently (in order of popularity). people, the brad pitt obsession is getting a little freaky.

  • gunther domenig
  • lorcan o'herlihy
  • cedd moses
  • brad pitt's new house
  • lacma renzo
  • brad pitt' new house picture in malibu california
  • alabaster city aram sinnreich
  • archinect
  • fishbowl la
  • sofia vergara pink's
  • modernist modular palm springs
  • morphosis lacma
  • john lautner: architect escher
  • tuscan and andalusian reflections
  • brad pitt's malibu house
  • pictures of brad pitt's malibu home
  • the project art culver city
  • new brad pittâ´s house in malibu
  • brad pitt's new project in architecture
  • brad pitt's house
  • where is brad pitt's new malibu neighborhood
  • weblog architecture koolhaas 2005
  • picture of brad pitt's new home


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