Friday, May 13, 2005

feeling uninspired

as much as I said I didn't want to create a personal blog, its sometimes seems unavoidable. I'm not feeling very inspired by any of the architecture/urban/real estate news for LA today. so here are some of the art and architecture filled places you will find me this weekend.

  • today I will be checking out the fair use exhibit at the hammer with aram and other friends. hopefully followed by some banh mi in westwood village.
  • tomorrow morning you'll find me at the schindler house, giving docent tours. in the afternoon, heading to the brewery artwalk, and to finish my left-y, very PC sat, going to the human rights watch benefit for the women's rights committee. the big question - what does one wear to a casino-themed benefit whose main purpose is benefitting women in sierra leone, kosovo, rwanda and other developing countries?
  • sun is private and can't post about it. but there will hopefully be some downtime on the couch with us weekly and in touch.
  • and mon will hopefully be here.

in other personal news, aram and I have chosen a name for our future corporation. and we've registered the url. announcement forthcoming. one of these days. but I"m psyched because its a palindrome. and alliterative. that rocks.


At 4:54 PM, Blogger Hilary said...

Ooo, Sunday sound juicy! Email me!


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