Sunday, May 15, 2005

2D vs. 3D

this has been a somewhat exhausting weekend. good - but tiring. no need to recap it since I wrote a few days ago what it would consist of and amazingly, I've actually stuck to every plan I had.

serendipity - last week I was at an opening at the 18th street arts center for an exhibition titled the curious and the profound curated by a lisa adams. my favorite pieces were by an artist named leigh salgado. she does these intricate, elaborate drawings where the negative space is cut away with an exacto knife. mounted a few inches from the wall, the effect is 3 dimensional - it looks like lace, or mesh, or dissected body parts. they are abstract yet recognizable. long story short, she has a studio at the brewery that was open at the artwalk and was selling some earlier works, including sculpted drawings using a woodburn tool. the effect is similar to her ink and blade drawings. I bought a piece similar to this one* (and unfortunately, that's almost life size) :

RUNS - Leigh Salgado
heat on wood panel
12 x 9, 2003
*I would post a photo of the one I bought but I lent my camera to a friend who claims he has big plans for the camera and his pants. I didn't ask.


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