Saturday, April 23, 2005

my favorite columnist hits LA

one of the greatest columnists, writers, pundits, bloggers ever - the inimitable James Wolcott, seems to hanging around LA this week. if his new yorker and vanity fair articles don't satisfy your wolcott jones, then check out his blog. even if you don't agree with his politics (and I do), its worth it for snarky comments like this (discussing an LAtimes article on the guvernator):

"The governor's staff was embarrassed after Schwarzenegger's friend, actor Tom Arnold, made the audience believe that the governor was poised to appear. But Schwarzenegger never showed."

Shows you what I know. I would have assumed that the MERE PRESENCE of Tom Arnold alone would have drawn a frenzied mob drunk with excitement.

I wonder if identifying Tom Arnold as an "actor" wasn't another subtle insertion of LA Times deadpan humor. Arnold does something on screen in The Stupids, McHale's Navy, and Soul Plane, but I'm not sure it could be characterized by even the most charitable as "acting."


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