Thursday, March 10, 2005

I heart the hammer

for the second time in a week, I lucked out and was able to get into one of the hammer's free lectures. this time, it was thanks to jess' vast social network and the serendipity of running into a high school classmate who works at the museum and guided us into the member's line.

last night we went to the david byrne lecture, I heart powerpoint. it started well, with david using "found" slides to illustrate the way powerpoint constrains or edits communication. and most were quite funny, with david byrne playing the straight man to the slides. however, about halfway thru he started to lose steam. his delivery is always shy and a little hesitant but about midway thru the lecture started to wander, his delivery faltered, his affectations seemed, well, affected.

image by daniel radosh

the best part of the night? dinner at Shahrzad, which I'm sure jess will blog about later today.

UPDATE: aram wants everyone to know he, dunia and simon were also with us.


At 2:06 PM, Blogger aram said...

dunia and simon and i went too.


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