Friday, July 13, 2007

I have to brag

I barely blog here anymore and when I finally do, its to brag. shame on me. but while this week has been somewhat horrific work-wise, (and I will post some of that story to curbed because its real estate related), and the gods of technology have seen fit to punish me multiple times (goodbye 5 years of email!), the gods of free stuff have been kind.

first, hilary offered to take me with her to the dodgers game next week against the mets. my hometown team. I grew up about 10 min from shea, yet my allegiance is to the yankees. my first few baseball games, though, were all mets games. the '86 world series still looms large in my childhood memories.

then, OP discovered how to get free tickets to the groove armada show at the standard downtown on tues and we were able to snag a few.

and finally, while not free, highly coveted: reservations at osteria mozza for next week. eater was able to get thru the always-busy reservation line and get a table for two. and I barely had to threaten, cajole and beg to be her plus one. suck on that, batali.

and just to tie this into the LA arch theme of this blog - I'm docenting this sat at the schindler house from 11am until 2ish.